The Ravenswood Event Center Story

Our unique event spaces were carved out of over 250,000 square feet, once home to the Manz Co., an industrial printing & design complex on Chicago’s Northside. In keeping with its tradition of detail oriented renovation & restoration, Hayes Properties provided the design & construction behind the transformation of each venue. Starting with the simple principle of keeping each space true to its history while still being modern and rich in detail, Hayes Properties partnered with the Ravenswood Event Group have created a special event masterpiece for all of Chicago.

The history of each space is unique and goes back nearly a century. One space was home to a massive boiler system that provided heat & water to an entire city block, another space was the workshop of artisan billboard makers and our largest space was home to massive printing presses as large as military tanks.

In the 1920’s, the Manz Co. a Chicago print advertising powerhouse, built the immense top floor window-scape to provide a workshop tall enough to hand craft advertising billboards in the true light of day. Almost a century later, the once artistic chamber now provides an open canvas for thoroughly modern events.

In late 2007, extensive renovations were completed – converting a time & weather worn industrial complex into fully modern open space for private events. From new & rehabbed floors to state of the art HVAC & electrical systems along with progressive plumbing & lighting – no feature was left unfinished.

Located on Chicago’s Northside just off the corner of Irving Park & Ravenswood, the event center is 20 minutes north of the city center and in the heart of one of Chicago’s most lively upscale neighborhoods.

Ample evening & weekend street parking is available as well as public transportation within 2 minutes of our doorstep.

The Hayes Collection

Hayes Properties not only has a history of renovation & restoration with its buildings, it also has a history of preserving fine automobiles and vintage neon signs. One step inside the immense Showroom and you will see a collection of some of the finest automobiles and neon art anywhere in the world.


Upon completion of the extensive renovations in early 2007 – the Showroom became home to one of America’s most impressive collections of prestige automobile & sports cars. Many of these cars have a rich history of high speed and social registry. These amazing cars can take center stage at your event or easily fade into the night. Consider this a museum with the art on the floor. And yes, they are driven.


As impressive as the automobiles are, admirers of American neon art will take notice of the illuminated advertising & whimsical signage presented throughout the Showroom. Much like the cars, the signs can be center stage in your event scheme or lay quietly in the dark of the evening.